Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Policy Studies

Vanderbilt University


I am an environmental sociologist at Vanderbilt University. My research and teaching address questions at the intersection of structural inequality, development processes, and environmental change. My work engages scholarship in the fields of environmental sociology, environmental justice, climate justice, critical theories of race, energy transitions and technological displacement, and socio-ecological systems. I currently teach Environment and Society, Environmental Inequality and Justice, and The Social Contexts of Public Policy.

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Environmental Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Energy Use
  • Socio-ecological Systems
  • Ph.D in Sociology, 2018

    University of Oregon

  • MS in Sociology, 2015

    University of Oregon

  • BA in Poltics and Policy, 2013

    Washington State University


Colonization, Slavery, and Path Dependencies in the Fossil Economy

Colonization, Slavery, and Path Dependencies in the Fossil Economy

Identifies a need for direct intervention in historically entrenched forms of inequality.

Du Bois, Inequality, and Environment- From the classical to the cutting edge

Du Bois, Inequality, and Environment- From the classical to the cutting edge

Identifies and employs the frameworks and epistemology of Du Bois to better understand the role of race and inequality in socio-ecological systems.

Inequality, Decoupling, and Sustainable Development

Inequality, Decoupling, and Sustainable Development

What social changes yield a society that is more equitable, sustainable, resilient, and robust?


Assistant Professor
Aug 2018 – Present Nashville, TN

Responsibilities include research, service and committee work, and teaching the following courses:

  • Environment and Society
  • Environmental Justice and Inequality
  • Social Contexts of Public Policy
Graduate Research Fellow
Oct 2017 – Oct 2019 Annapolis, MD
Participated in research that sought opportunities for dynamic conservation action in agricultural landscapes to promote temporary ecological connectivity on critical life stage and migratory routes of neotropical migratory bird species.
Graduate Teaching Fellow
Sep 2013 – May 2018 Eugene, OR

Responsibilities included research, graduate program service, serving as graduate assistant for various courses, and sole instructor of record for the following courses:

  • Social Science Statistics
  • Social Science Research Methods


We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny…This is the inter-related structure of reality.- Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963