When are fossil fuels displaced? An exploratory inquiry into the role of nuclear electricity production in the displacement of fossil fuels.

Renewable sources of electricity do not displace fossil fuels over time across nations, though evidence of displacement is found in nuclear capable nations.

How Long Can Neoliberalism Withstand Climate Crisis?

The difficulties of implementing renewables effectively in a social landscape characterized by systemic racial inequalities, neoliberal policy, environmental change, and regularized disaster.

Are the Goals of Sustainability Interconnected? A Sociological Analysis of the Three E’s of Sustainable Development Using Cross-Lagged Models with Reciprocal Effects

Over time, at the country level, increasing economic inequality reduces renewable energy consumption, with no evidence of reciprocal feedback.

Renewable energy injustice- The socio-environmental implications of renewable energy consumption

Renewable energy displaces more fossil fuel energy sources when inequality is increasing, while– conversely– fewer existing fossil fuel energy sources are displaced when inequality is decreasing. Efforts aimed at increasing renewable energy consumption should adopt policies that ensure the effective displacement of fossil fuels and reduce inequality.

Snakes in The Greenhouse- Does increased natural gas use reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal consumption?

CO2 emissions from natural gas sources do not displace CO2 emissions from coal. These results cast doubt on whether the growing use of natural gas is likely to help substantially reduce CO2 emissions.